Nippon Connection 2014

nippon connection

From Friday May 30th till Monday June 2nd I was in Frankfurt for the Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival. On Saturday I moderated a discussion about ""Censorship and Propaganda in Japanese Cinema"", with on the panel Alex Zahlten (Harvard University) and the directors Matsubayashi Yoju (Horses of Fukushima) and Inoue Junichi (A Woman and War, based on the short story by Sakaguchi Ango, which, incidentally, I translated for my short story anthology Liefdesdood in Kamara).

Later the same day I also did a talkshow under the heading 'New Talents' with directors Sakamoto Ayumi (Forma), Kobayashi Keiichi (Bon Lin) and Kusano Natsuka (Antonym, which won the Nippon Visions Award).