Nippon Connection 2012

NC 2012

I attended Nippon Connection in Frankfurt, after being absent for a few years.

On Friday (May 4) I participated in a panel discussion on Miike Takashi, set up by the people of JVTA. The other panelists were Christian Storms (who did subtitles for several Miike-films and has also been his on-set interpreter) and (be it on video) Tom Mes (author of the book ""Agitator"" on Miike). The three of us showed our favourite three Miike clips and discussed the man and his work, with Ishii Kiyotake of JVTA moderating.

There's a report (in Japanese) on the JVTA-site.

On Saturday I did a one hour and a half late night talk show with Tsukamoto Shinya, discussing his latest film ""Kotoko"" in relation to his earlier work. Tsukamoto had arrived the day before and suffered from jet lag, but as soon as the interview started he sprang back to life and afterwards we went to see the pole dancing act in Cafe Koz downstairs.